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Great news!

Breaking News, 29 March 2014! After almost 2 years, the Tennessee
Chapter of the VoVMC has been voted into the Tennessee Confederation of
Clubs. It has been a long hard ride, but one that has been very helpful
in understanding the MC World. 2 trips to Knoxville, 2 trips to
Nashville, 1 trip to Greeneville, and 1 trip to Memphis (in freezing
rain and ice) have finally paid off. Thanks to Tn. Pres. Marble, Region
4 SAA, Don Juan, and Bro Harley Doc, we are proudly wearing our CoC
patches. Also thanks to our National Pres. Baron for making the
suggestion that we attempt to become a member of the CoC, and our 1%er
friend, for making the motion that we become a member.

LLRB, Brentwood
Region 4 President.
VoVMV America